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Dialogue#1: Ice Breaking

In the Dhaka Project, we are a lot of participants who continuously make conversations and dialogues. Some of them happen on Facebook. Here, you can read these conversations. You can take part in it by adding Martijn Crowe on Facebook.   Martijn Crowe Participants that are not friends on facebook, can not be shared, according to facebook […] Continue reading →

Building the Dhaka Art Project

The Dhaka Art Project is going forwards. Here, you see the results of an intensive brainstorming from the first project meeting. ” This is the first step to a concept for the Dhaka art project” M.Crowe   Continue reading →

Rickshaw drivers portraits

              An exchange of co-creation is set up between Martijn Crowe and Ronald Van Merkesteijn. Martijn makes photographs, portraits, of the Rickshaw drivers in the streets of Dhaka and sends it to Ronald, who makes a painted portrait. Find more works on our page.    Continue reading →

The exchange program

In the framework of “The Dhaka Project 2014” conducted by Martijn Crowe and Ronald van Merkesteijn, two high schools with a specialisation in graphical arts participate. –       Da Vinci College in Leiden (Netherlands) –       IDEAL Institute of sciences & technologies (IIST) in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Director: Dr. Sheikh Abu Reza Objectives: The purpose of this project […] Continue reading →

Meeting Ronald Van Merkesteijn

The 28th of June Sabya and Jeremy from the Faketory met Ronald Van Merkesteijn in the Hague. The artist showed his brilliant collection of works and they had great discussion about his art, his story and his knowledge of Dhaka, where he used to live. Ronald Van Merkesteijn is setting up an exchange program to […] Continue reading →