SumuonSumon is an Artist from Dhaka who mainly does sculpture and drawing. Martijn Crowe wrote the following words about him: “He started at the fine art faculty and worked as a journalist. When he earned some money at the age of 29 he took his mother with him in his house so he could take care of her. Two years ago she died. He said that up until now he has no urge to go and see his father, although he knows, he still lives. In the mean time he stopped his studies at the faculty of the fine arts, because he got bored of realistic painting and started a study of linguistics. Finally he returned to the faculty of fine art and got his master degree. Now he is married to Jhumu and works as a journalist and teacher at the faculty of fine arts.” Sumon lived on the streets as a boy, finding his own way into the libraries and faculty of fine art later in his life. Sumon organized the Dhaka art project, and is contributing to start the dialogue in the whole of Bangladesh society.


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