Dhaka Art Center


The Faketory and the Dhaka Art Center create on a co-creation basis the Dhaka Art Project.

The Dhaka Art Center is a non-profit organization that strives to encourage the creation of contemporary visual art in Bangladesh and promote its discussion. It seeks innovation and development in all concepts and forms of art and is devoted to exhibiting and discussing the work of important new and established artists working in the medium.

The Faketory works in Dhaka in the months of June 2014 until August 2014 and will work together with Dhaka art institute in a joint project. We work on base of co-creation. Co-creation is a form of cooperation in which all participants have an impact on the process and the result of this process, such as a plan, opinion or product. Characteristics of co-creation are dialogue, common ground, enthusiasm, vigor and focus on results. Conditions for successful co-creation are equivalence of the participants, reciprocity, openness and trust. Those conditions are best met in a structured but creative process guided by a process coach/facilitator. Integrity of participants is required. Co-creation is deemed to be the resolution of complex issues and useful in managing change.

The basic idea is that we work with a group of maximum 20 participants and that each contributes within their own possibilities and area of interest. Everybody is welcome that wants to participate. The subject is open yet, and should be established in the first group meeting. We suggest having a social theme that raises a question. What interest us, is the powers in place visible and non-visible that keep the rich rich and the poor poor. We think that the stakeholders are the rich countries that use cheap labor in order to maintain their wealth. So we can take any kind of production in Bangladesh where the result in term of financial benefit stays with the wealthy countries and make a documentary about that. After selecting a concrete subject, each participant can contribute from his own area of expertise. It can be a painting, a book, a documentary, or any art expression possible. At the end of the project in August 2014 we will have a joint exhibition of all the art created A worldwide known blog and a book.

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