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Linked to its other projects, the Faketory continues to work around Children pursuing the researches for the project Doing Dreams: In this category you’ll find articles related to Children in Bangladesh.

Utsho documentary in premiere in Dhaka!

utsho premiere


With united powers, we managed to make the documentary ready for the white screen. Wednesday the 7th of january 2015 we will show the final documentary to the world, starting in Dhaka, where it all started.

All are very welcome to join us there!

Crowdfunding documentary succesfully finished!

 Today we can celebrate together with the people and children from Utsho Bangladesh! In the last 3 weeks over 100 people supported the making of the Utsho documentary by donations, sharing and volunteering through 1% club crowdfunding. It enables us at The Faketory to go on with the production of a professional documentary, of which we […] Continue reading →

New Facebook Page

Join and support the documentary project about Utsho Orphanage on the official Facebook page. Like and share for contribute to the world with us ! Continue reading →

Utsho Orphanage

When we were working in Bangladesh, we met Mahbooba Mahmood Leena. She is an educated woman, part of the elite of Bangladesh. She was telling the story of how she came to run an orphanage, school and working place for 150 children. “I was 30, and working for a local NGO, trying to help the […] Continue reading →

Show: Yourself

  Show Yourself is a special exhibition showcasing the works of three artists from three different continents. While it is easy to limit an artist’s perspective through the lens of his/her own cultural identity, each of our three displayed artists represent and champion global experiences and perspectives. Their artworks have been shaped by their perpetual […] Continue reading →

Cleaner with clean heart

By Kallol Karmakar, Zohara Jhumu & Apurba Hasan. In this ‘divide and rule’ society there are many classes we can find. Among them middle class is one of the most reactive classes. To maintain their livelihood this class does a lot of work; the amount of rewards they get for this, the same amount of […] Continue reading →


Definitions By Sabya van Elswijk,   Being in Dhaka, we find our definitions of the world constantly challenged. Working with homeless: these should be people without a house, without a place to sleep. But what if they live under a plastic roof? Are they promoted to the definition of being just poor, not homeless? Working […] Continue reading →

Street school: Meet the children

Street school: Meet the children By Sabya van Elswijk,   After leaving the railroad tracks, we walk back to Raj, who is trying to turn the car in the heavy traffic. Emran tells him the way, and we drive through the stream of Rickshaws, walking people, street sellers, and cars to another street. There, Emran points to […] Continue reading →