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Crowdfunding documentary succesfully finished!

Today we can celebrate together with the people and children from Utsho Bangladesh! In the last 3 weeks over 100 people supported the making of the Utsho documentary by donations, sharing and volunteering through 1% club crowdfunding.

It enables us at The Faketory to go on with the production of a professional documentary, of which we will keep you posted here. You can subscribe to our updates by entering your email in the left column.

And it shows that there are a lot of people who feel connected to the Bangladeshi children, and they see how helping by showing their lives is contributing to a more powerful society. Both make us very happy.

With our team from Spain, Bangladesh, Libanon and The Netherlands we are now working on the footage, engaging the interviews, footage and special made music together into a movie.

A short teaser is available already: Utsho documentary teaser.

If you want to be involved with this project, you can contact us always:

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Lecture: “Artists are liars, like everybody is.” by Martijn Crowe in Dhaka

Martijn Crowe gave on July, 13th a lecture about ”the concept of the truth admitting that we love to lie, we can live in peace with each other, not taking ourselves too serious, teasing each other with the strong believes we might have and in fact are illusions. Admitting that we love to lie and […] Continue reading →

Rickshaw drivers portraits

              An exchange of co-creation is set up between Martijn Crowe and Ronald Van Merkesteijn. Martijn makes photographs, portraits, of the Rickshaw drivers in the streets of Dhaka and sends it to Ronald, who makes a painted portrait. Find more works on our page.    Continue reading →