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Utsho documentary in premiere in Dhaka!

utsho premiere


With united powers, we managed to make the documentary ready for the white screen. Wednesday the 7th of january 2015 we will show the final documentary to the world, starting in Dhaka, where it all started.

All are very welcome to join us there!

Crowdfunding documentary succesfully finished!

 Today we can celebrate together with the people and children from Utsho Bangladesh! In the last 3 weeks over 100 people supported the making of the Utsho documentary by donations, sharing and volunteering through 1% club crowdfunding. It enables us at The Faketory to go on with the production of a professional documentary, of which we […] Continue reading →

Exhibition Show : Yourself

See, in pictures, the successful exhibition Show : Yourself. The exhibition is available till the 31st of August at the Athena Gallery of fine Arts. Original video Pictures by Rezaun Nabi Continue reading →

New Facebook Page

Join and support the documentary project about Utsho Orphanage on the official Facebook page. Like and share for contribute to the world with us ! Continue reading →

Hijra photoshoot in Dhaka

By Sabya van Elswijk, Today we were invited by Katha to come to the place where she usually gives dance classes to other hijra. She invited 10 hijra to come today and be part of the portraits we are making on hijra in Bangladesh, as a part of the Dhaka project and Dragqueens of the World. […] Continue reading →

Utsho Orphanage

By Sabya van Elswijk, When we were working in Bangladesh, we met Mahbooba Mahmood Leena. She is an educated woman, part of the elite of Bangladesh. She was telling the story of how she came to run an orphanage, school and working place for 150 children. “I was 30, and working for a local NGO, […] Continue reading →