Nabi Rezaun

Nabi comes from a family of 11 children, 8 brothers and three sisters. His father wanted to be an artist when he was young, but in this era it was impossible to get assent from his family. So his father became a policeman in Dhaka. Only after Bangladesh was freed from the British, the government established an art school, what would be the faculty of Fine Art. Nowadays many students go there, and work in different fields, such as design and in textile, also they work as fine artists. Nabi’s older brother is a famous Bangladeshi artist. Nabi has been an artist for his whole life, and also working with an NGO providing people in Bangladesh education to overcome illiteracy. Nabi has a special love for working with children, teaching them in art and doing creative therapy with them. He illustrates children’s books as well as governmental texts. He uses all his experience and contacts to make the Dhaka project a big success, with many people involved. He says that exchanging in this way with artists around the world is teaching him a lot, and helps young artists forward.
He says about his artworks: “Being brought up in Dhaka city surrounding by mayhem, my paintings allow me to be free of the clamor of urbanization. Fatigued by the frame this world slowly is turning into in terms of natural devastation, overpopulation, inhumanity and clamorous behavior that is ending the calm we could have had, my mind can pour out what I want this world to be in one canvas. Since the world won’t be able to hold the picture of the nature we want, I want my painting to frame that.

I like the medium acrylic,mixed on canvas or watercolor on paper.”

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