Khairul Hasan

Khairul Is an artist, who has his bachelor in painting, and just got a scholarship to study art history in Calcutta. He is on this moment painting in the National museum, a nature painting on the wall. Khairul is working in the Dhaka art project and with his group they relate to rickshawdrivers, to ‘humanize’ these people through art.

“Through the project I am starting find out the relation with poor people and other homeless peoplHe is e. I have a friend Sharwar. He is a ricksaw driver, and a poet, and he is a musician and an artist. He is a beautiful model, and I worked with him. That makes me think that also poor people or rickshaw drivers can do something with their lives. They can have talents. So now I am talking a lot with Sharwar, to understand his thoughts, his mind. He can be a good example for us, for ‘rich’ and ‘educated’.”

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