Jenny Kozlow-Rodriguez

“I was fortunate to be raised by parents who were artists and traveled with us as children, living in many different countries. I have always had a creative outlook, in the way I understand people and in the way I perceive our world. Photography for me, is the capturing and preserving of a mundane instance, that takes on a life of its own, because it is then interpreted and reborn through the eyes of those who view it, expanding into something that can be quite powerful, born from simplicity. Technique isn’t my thing, its the eye, the montage work, the creative process. I don’t think art should be academic or commercialized, that it be a commodity or a status symbol, I think the work is what speaks, not the artist himself. And I work as a childbirth educator and doula, promoting the humanization of birth, mainly these days in Costa Rica ( where I reside), Spain, Israel, India and Mexico. I publish a parenting magazine and run a foundation that prepares couples for childbirth and family life. What could be more creative than forming a life and birthing it into being, beginning a journey that evolves into a family?

I would like to support other artists and be connected to the places that I feel a strong connection to, as I do with India and her surroundings ( I have traveled there 6 times). Being from the USA but having lived all of my adult life abroad, I have a unique perspective with one foot in each world, where I strive to create bridges that get to the heart of ourselves, rather than staying in our argumentative minds.

My dream? Im living it. Mentoring, sharing, seeing, creating, connecting through art.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the project.”
Her Work:

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